Bootstrap Agency is a one-page Bootstrap-based theme.

Bootstrap Agency's original features

  • Fully responsive
  • Custom collapsing navigation with active classes, smooth page scrolling, and responsive fallback stylings
  • Footer with social links, copyright information, and other links
  • LESS files included for deeper customization options



  1. Enable the required modules and themes
  2. Grant permission to the anonymous user to Use the site-wide contact form
  3. Move the Site-wide contact form block to the Contact region
  4. Create an intro block, and move it to the Page Splash region. The block title will be formatted as the lead-in, with the block content in a large upper-case font.
  5. Configure the main menu links using Void Menu. Note that the theme includes code to assign the lower-cased block description to the CSS id, for user-defined blocks. This way, if your block description is "Company", the block will have id "#company", which you should then configure as the Void Menu destination. Think about it as "clean anchors". The CSS id for the contact region is "#contact".
  6. Inspect the HTML of the live demo to understand how to take advantage of the provided CSS