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How to sell a Theme in DropThemes.in?

DropThemes.in is a marketplace where anyone can sign up and sell a theme provided the following prerequisites are met. 


  • Seller should be a legal owner of the theme
  • Selling profile should have been enabled in My Account page
  • Theme should have been tested in recent versions of web browsers
  • Seller should have a clear understanding of various Licenses and Terms of use of DropThemes.in
  • Theme should be uploaded along with necessary title, description, snapshots, and demo site

If the above requirements are met, the seller may proceed with uploading the theme.

How to upload?

Visit the Sell a theme page, where you would be offered a web form to upload your theme with required details.

Theme upload form explained

  • Title: Unique and Friendly name that would be used for referring the Drupal Theme once uploaded.

  • Theme Type: Options - Free or Paid. Mention whether the Theme to be given for Free of cost or for a fixed price.

  • Price: For Paid themes, seller can mention his price for various licenses of theme. Ideally suggested price for Multiple Application License is 4x of Single Application License and 50x for Extended License.

  • Theme File: File upload field where Seller would upload the Drupal theme that user can use to change the look and feel of his site. This file will be given for download, once a user purchases this theme. 

  • Demo site: File upload field where the entire Drupal site including database dump and files directory would be uploaded. This is to potentially showcase seller's theme to DropThemes.in moderator for reviewing and setup of the demo site. The user would be able to download a copy of the same once they purchase this theme.

  • Snapshots: Image upload field where screen captures of theme to be uploaded

  • Drupal version: Options - Drupal 7 or Drupal 8. Mentions theme's compatibility for Drupal core

  • Version number: Used for Software versioning by Themer

  • Supported browsers: List of essentially supported browsers

  • Layout types: Options - Fixed, Fluid or Responsive. Mention The layout of the Theme. Fixed doesn't change according to the screen, whereas Fluid (the width of the theme) changes according to the screen. Responsive layout adapts site content depending on the size of the device being used

  • Category: It denotes the application of theme like Administrative purpose, E-Commerce, News portal, etc.

  • Tags: Keywords about theme separated by comma like "SEO Optimized", "Mobile Friendly", "Right-To-Left (RTL)", etc.

  • Description: A few words about theme includes Theme Contents, Supported Features, Libraries/Plugins used, Credits, etc. No contact information to be shared in this field.