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What is Demo Site and how to use it?

While uploading your theme for sale on dropthemes.in, it is mandatory to have a demo site to upload

  • Demo site is a Drupal site, where the theme that seller wish to sell on dropthemes would be showcased 
  • Ideally it should have visible menu links to display the various pages. Each page would have appropriate text, image, video and other graphics content to demonstrate how potentially the theme can be used
  • Content used in demo site should comply to Internet Etiquettes
  • Demo site should highlight the specific features of theme like dropdown menu, slideshow, typography, styles guide, responsiveness, etc.
  • If your site has any unused modules or themes, you are suggested to remove them, while preparing to upload. Also remove any unused files or files that will not be useful to buyers
  • Your demo site should accompany Drupal Database dump, preferably using Backup and Migrate module. If not, make a folder named "backup" in Drupal root and export database dump in the same. For reference see Exporting a database with PHPMyAdmin
  • Compress and make a zip archive of entire site to upload in “Sell a Theme” page

How to use it?

  • If you are purchasing a theme from dropthemes.in, as an addon you will be offered to download the demo site of theme you have purchased 
  • The Demo site will have Drupal codebase and database packed as a single zip file
  • Database export (or dump) will be available via Backup and Migrate module inside /sites/default/files or /backup
  • To setup the working version of demo site in local machine, import the dump into your local database and edit $databases in settings.php accordingly
  • For detailed instructions find the handbook page on drupal.org, Migrating a site